You deserve an explanation of why we charge you just for using the site, so here we go.

The exploratory minds project has a very different set of models and approaches from other social networks that are currently in place at the time of writing, but we see others may adopt new models and new rules far outside of what is the current status quo,

, Some may call these new takes it strict, and taking away freedoms, while others highly recommend it! we see our model as maintaining and improving your freedoms to learn more about what others can teach us all.

Firstly you will notice very little in the way of adverts, but every platform requires some revenue to keep things running smoothly, nothing comes for free in this world. 

We do not believe in having adverts plastered on the face of any platform users come to like or prefer. Same as you would not want to be distracted by adverts on someone's face you were having a personal conversation with right? or a video call, you don't want distractions what you need is the focus to get done what you started out for.

A New philosophy has been debated a lot recently by many companies, from simple start-ups to the tech giants out there,  many claim the application and use of social networking needs to evolve way past it being a popularity contest! and that goes for users as well as moderators and advertisers

The new approach to social media that is less about sharing a person's life and more about curating what people can teach us and share on information that we can all learn new things about, has become almost an obligation in today's world.

This involves a lot more work than the lazy and greedy automation of some network giants when evolving the body of information to a bigger picture.

While you can generally post how you would on other platforms we are not so freedom orientated with users' blog pages.

(to clarify there's a regular post and there's a separate blogging section ) if a user's blog can back up its claims or the content is clearly known and factually supported by more than one source we will even encourage and give you a shout-out!

but wait we said it's not a popularity contest right?

yes, we did say it's not a popularity contest, So reframe the view it's more of a contest on who can give the best factually unbiased and quality information, informing the masses out there. and encouraging correction when new data flows in! note it's not about pointing out errors for drama, it's about pointing out errors for improvements for us all.

this conduct involves hard work from us all, and so we end up playing an active part in propagating the best quality information, attempting to lean away from confirmation bias.  This is challenging and hard work. and no one wants to work for free.

We see that it's about time social networks became social, not anti-social by encouraging the fact that true respect for effort is earned and not demanded via obsessive attention-seeking that might even lower people's esteem.

too many platforms have grown too fast too soon only to see this big side effect and a lesson that shows us people with obsessions overseeing if someone is liking their posts just because they went to a restaurant or other everyday normal things that really do not merit any large audience to feed self grandiose and ego's while ignoring lives problems as individuals and collectively.

What do we learn from this? other than someone wants your attention and appreciation just because they are doing everyday normal things? and claiming those things are going exceptionally well all the time?, these reports of very grandiose successes are of course false, statistics actually show those boasting the most on media about their life are not very confident at all and admit an unhealthy addiction.

To escape this we really need to find ways to curate the best information on how to apply the right knowledge and expertise from others and learn from others. hence the best bloggers on here will get shout-outs and eventually more, we even plan on sending physical rewards. eventually to the best content creators, imagine rewarding users because they succeeded from taking on a life coach's advice via an article on here? See the difference? we hope you do.


want to make this project work? GREAT!


with this, in mind, if you have just joined, I

Jack amperes,