socialisum v america

As a citizen of the UK, we are governed by a democracy that comes with a mix of
socialized privileges.

For the most part, this works very well, there appears to be a misunderstanding on Successful socialism from American cultures and perspectives, this seems particularly true with people in authoritative positions, some claiming they would never allow such a thing to happen like a socialized health care system.

This basically stems from a belief that it is unfair and unjustified to have such a system in place, in the UK it appears That is seen to be a completely and seemingly perfect and justified way forward.,

In its most basic foundations, we see it as a fair and justified system but not without its axiomatic problems. For example, if I was to have an accident that caused a bone to break in one of my legs,  I would not need to pay for treatment on this?. Nope, not a damn dime, not anything extra at all.

But if I was in dire need of an operation it's possible there is a waiting list. While it appears logical that most people will utilize a health care system that does not
 need extra cost on top of what is already paid it does make it a very busy system and people will have to wait for inline sometimes.

However, there appears to be a very dire comparison in America. This is not only appalling but shocking, Any attempt at a blanketing health care system in America has always fallen short and often failed. A true citizen health care system is nonexistent in America and appears from some perspectives almost like a  3rd world mix match of trying different things to see what might work best, Nothing is solidified or established for every citizen to get the care they need.

Furthermore in the UK's system, the most at risk in are considered to be a priority over those who are not in such dire need, regardless of the reasons,( pandemic or not ), .
 Compare that to a system that brings in those who can afford to get the care they ask for against those who cant despite similar or equally severe needs v not severe.
When put into this perspective this is a system built on capitalism and not humanism.

Lets us remind people that it appears increasingly obvious that the African continent is not nessacarILy poor but mined for its resources and not socialized for its resources. Many have a clouded view of socialism out of an initial knee jerk initial reaction that starts something like this

''Why should i pay for other people's needs?''

The irony is that those needs are also always potentially yours as well, if those needs are met prior to them being only high potential then you have a preventional measure in place. Its often put that prevention is better than a need for a cure.  
To clarify on cure let's go back to breaking a bone. Or some other bodily dysfunction from an accident or even substance abuse. prolonged lack of medication or an operation
might result in secondary infection and further complications in the case of care that is inevitably are avoided due to a low financial prowess., in this case, its prevention that is far better than a need for cures.

In America, almost every business and its business models are built on monetization and capitalization of any given service rather than being built on a dire need to make sure citizens are not at risk for survival. At the time of writing, we are in the
covid-19 pandemic and the UK has the first clinically passed vaccine,

this is ready to be administered for free. This is not about patriotic cockyness it's about the right kind of change, and doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. and be proud of not just a country's success but the UK would not be without such success due to Pfizer and BioNTech, Pfizer is a Belgium-based company not UK-based.

I would like to remind people that we should be proud of their help instead of claiming the UK is the best, this is the mistake America does and ends up sounding
not patriotic but more like a competitive angry MOB!  

Article by

Jerry Woodward.

EMILY Well put! very on point and well worth the read.

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