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some new perspectives on why the moon is the way it is are to be considered here.


1.The moons mass is not that uniform with a larger percent of denisity potining to the far side, the explaination for this not positioning nearer to earths larger mass could be that the force of its speed orbiting earth is just fast enough to keep such a mass pointing away, this would also help explain that the moon is slowly escaping earth gravity well as it is increasing its distance from earth at a rate of 1.48 inch per year. or 3.47 cm, given this increasing drift its not really relivent that the moon currentl produces a perfect eclipse covering the sun at just the right amount.


2.The moon quakes observations are still not fully eplained however this sismic equpment picking up vibrations at large distances from each other and being very much the same might equate to a ressonance effect like pranging a tuning fork and having another next to it picking up the first ones vibrational frequency.


3.Deep moonquakes happen extremely often, typically on a cycle of roughly 27 days, and occur nearly 700 km below the surface of the moon. it could well be that these are caused by the tidal pull of Earth on the moon. The moon may cause the tides of our oceans to move, but the Earth also acts on the moon and could well be causing a cracking of the deeper and denser rocky levles of the moon


4. theoretically melted ice could be leaking back into the deeper levels of the moon in highly localised areas and not spread to far around the moon but inside. this would exolain localised movment of water while other areas are highly dry. water could be forced out again due to activity mentioned in point 3,.



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