lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming is practiced by many and is often used as a form of self-improvement. So what is lucid dreaming?

Well, surprisingly we all can enter a dream with the same level of consciousness we have during our waking hours. Contradictory as it seems we can be awake inside the sleeping dream state. Some modern-day Buddhists use this. Many ask so how do I become conscious inside a dream and how real is it? Well look around you now and as you experience that reality the same can be true in lucid dreaming. Once you're a practiced expert you can have the same level of consciousness you have in a dream as you do when awake. Although in many cases it takes practice and patients to do this.

Q: How will I know I'm dreaming?

A: very good question. There will be signs as the subconscious mind is very nonlinear and more organic in the way it uses information. It’s, for this reason, things that are in a very orderly fashion in the waking world can often become somewhat random in a dream. One of the perfect tests for this is to read some text look away and look again it will most likely change. Or find a clock in the lucid dream state and its numbers probably won’t be in order.

Try doing something impossible like throwing something and imagine it freezing in mid-air. If you can conceive it well enough it will happen. There are many ways to test your dream reality and the more you test the more likely you are to become conscious inside the dream. Many in fact practice questioning their reality in the normal waking day.

It's a habit to form that will travel in the dream state if done often enough. Now it's my personal opinion that anyone trying to achieve lucid dreaming should access whether there ready to do this at all. Everyone's opinion and view will be different on whether they are ready to enter such a free and changeable world as the lucid dream state. Often once people realize their surroundings are a product of their minds they gain great control of their dreams. Some have overcome nightmares and faced their worst fears in doing so. Many lucid dreamers have improved their life greatly using the dream state to test scenarios out that they might train themselves for in the real world. And so for these reasons, it’s thought to be very good for confidence issues.

In the safety of knowing it’s a dream and they're safe. So they try out various things to see what it would feel like. Oh, and the myth of dyeing if you dream you die is perfect nonsense and makes no credible scientific or logical sense in reality. Many have woken up after dreaming they died only to feel more alive and positive than ever before ,often so much so that they want to share it with the world. If you're interested in the mind and the many ways it can be improved or as a tool for your entertainment then I would suggest you look into this.

I have only ever achieved lucidity for a very short time. Some are more naturally able to do this, others have to follow a more structured learning curve. Incidentally, I have lulled myself to sleep with the phrase I will remember my dream in the morning when I wake up. I did this a few years ago and it is very surprising how well it works eventually after a few tries. And also surprising how insights into the remembered dreams give a more balanced relaxed state. Part of self-improvement does not just go for understanding others it's understanding ourselves as well. Once we have enough insights we become more relaxed and comfortable with ourselves knowing where we stand and what we can improve on This book below was one of the first detailed research and evidence available in one book, clicking takes you to amazon and a peek inside before you buy.