When we hear the word transhumanism, we usually think of modern-day technology yet the definition of transhumanism shows us that its earliest origins began in a caveman age, we were already masters of complex technology at our earliest origins. Indeed it has been found that A haul of stone blades from a cave in South Africa shows us evidence that early humans were already masters of tooling up more than 70,000 years ago

So how do we apply the concept of transhumanism here, what is the perspective beyond the usual more modern take? Put simply the standard wiki take on transhumanism is the concept of a link between human and post-human. This simply means that the former resembles a human in most respects but one that has skills beyond the limitations of the biologically physical, what gave us the ability to transcend the physical is what we can create in thought to form ideas of abilities that transcend these limitations, then we applied this to our surroundings.

A former default standard of being becomes different when the first transhuman technology,  implementing and this was things like the act of making a blade, use of a bone to push or bring something close which was otherwise hard to do, this basically reduced pressure of a need for our physical biology to evolve anything physical that would be used to do these things, We also recognised every job requires the right tools. So rather than evolving to an equivalent of a biological swiss army knife, we used the physical soundings and objects to work in our favour.  The knowledge came that flint or other stone blade is now something to use effectively to cut and slice more efficiently than teeth, next ideas came in for the early man realizing there are now more effective ways to cut things beyond the use of teeth.

This transcends nature's standard at the time of such an evolutionary position. The next step in line was these new toolsets influenced a faster evolution of the mind which was already in motion anyway due to an established inspiration the surrounding world can be manipulated to aid oneself instead of being a slave to it. the practical application of ideas came quickly to the realization to improve life via this tool-making from sharp flints and stone and more. As this gain of resources became more efficient, this ability brought in more nutrition intake which also helped the demands of our brain's energy usage.

In fact, The act of sharp tools and blades according to evolutionists is most likely what made our wisdom teeth smaller.  although it also made our jaws smaller at a faster rate than our teeth for some genetic phenotypes, Modern-day transhumanism will no doubt change us in ways we haven't yet been able to conceive of. It's theoretically said that it might even cause spin-off evolutionary paths

So the basic implication is the tools we made as cavemen not only evolved our skills beyond the biologically physical. They affected our way of life so much they brought in new ways of thinking on strategies for getting pray. This is aside from the stoned ape theory, which we will get into a little in a separate article.  But for now, the next modification to think of is at some point is there had to be a realization that making a blade as a projectile would now be something that encouraged aim and accuracy rather than randomly throwing a blunt but heavy object at pray in an attempt to maim, so new skills in stealth-like ambushing developed, of course jumping out on pray and throwing a rock is going to be far less effective than sneaking stealth-like in high grass with a sharp crafted spear, So this new weaponry now stimulates the need to think and plan more, this would have enhanced our brains in our evolutionary path. not to mention that now we start to lose hair while we use a fur coat cut off our pray.


As much as I would love to tantalize us with continuing the above perspective I'm sure you can see how the nature of biology has an inevitable path that if given the chance will always overcome its biologically physical standard which then influences its biology in a feedback loop. With this in mind, we see modern-day transhumanism as having great potential and the ability to influence us on the biological feedback level in ways in which our tech if properly applied will enhance our mind and body way beyond our current biological status. the point I'm making here is that all biological systems if evolved enough to a specific level of conscious awareness will inevitably transcend some aspects of biologically physical limitations