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No, we haven't gone crazier, we are already crazy but we have limits. So what if the iron man suit in films like iron man and the avengers were created for real, well of course there would have to be many aspects that are not currently possible and still belong to the world of fiction.

Adman savage a famed YouTuber, engineer and founder of myth busters has a plethora of work focused on extreme engineering or at least a goal for extreme ideas in engineering. It's no exception that he approached a company with 3D printing technology capable of 3D printing parts made from titanium for a real-life iron man suit, So how did savage get into all this? well, we do know he was formerly a special effects designer before he went out and did his own things independently.

A company named gravity basically builds 1000 horsepower jet suits, to do the math this basically means that if 1 horsepower =745.7 watts then the overall power of those suits run at a level of 745700 watts of power. Richard browning is the inventor of the jet packs used for the suits they make. The jets are worn around the arms and one on the back. Adman had the following to say about Richard.

it's hot it's incredibly noisy and it's absolutely magical to watch him just bring in his arms and rise off the ground as if he is just sort of hanging from a string

Adam did a talk at the colorado school of mines. They told Adam 'look we got these big 3D printers that can print titanium' of course, adman was mediately interested, Adam said they offered that if he needs them to print something weird let them know, Titanium is a metal well known for its density. of course, the more dense something is the tougher it is, but this will also equate to weight as well, so they worked around this with prints that were relatively thin to mitigate weight against the jets lift, the basics of how the print works the use of a laser to melt a metal powder which then results in a melted layer of titanium then the process is repeated layer by layer until they have a fully printed 3D structure of a part.

So They ended up partnering up with EOS a 3D printing company that prints in titanium to print a full bulletproof flyable suit of iron-man armor, the team worked with marvel studios for files for the printers and convert them into buildable objects, EOS fabricated all the parts from the files with some requirements, one of them was to print as thin as physically possible with the tech.

the full suit ended up with components of various flexible materials, titanium, urethane, fiberglass, nylon 3D prints, the full suit was around 280 parts minus the jets