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The UK was the first country in the world to get a covid-19 vaccine, With a lot of speculation of its safety, i would like to make sure people are somewhat more informed so they can have their minds put at rest on this, too much fear porn will get in the way of learning anything new at all. So firstly of course this is an emergency and people needed something to be pushed through, but a faster pace of discovery does not always = less safety. This is a classic example of what mankind can achieve if we are all equally at risk. It became not even a do or die thing but more of a do or go extinct in my personal opinion. As if you don't die from COVID it sure has shown to do long-lasting damage ,on top of this there are other environmental factors that are a side effect of human activity that doesn't exactly take human biology under a protective wing .

So typically we have to intervene with the natural process in order to transcend what would otherwise be our detriment as a race. In this case, we more or less had a head start from previous strains of COVID well mapped and analyzed, remember SARS? well, welcome to its mutations aka COVID 19. It makes sense that regardless of the rumors of this being a bio-weapon , man-made ect there is no proof of that, but there seems to be plenty of questionable conduct from china's authorities during the first propagation of the virus in China. Probably from an illegally sold pangolin?, maybe, who knows, but it spurned on an investigation on the origins . The true solid answer still appears to be a little bit elusive. I am however confident that we will know in due time. It does also stand to reason that of any virus that causes a pandemic would start in China as its population density is so high they even have controls on who gets to have children and who does not

Britain’s move to grant emergency authorization to Pfizer’s corona-virus vaccine was a crucial step toward mass vaccinations that could end the pandemic. to quote DR June Raine the chief executive of Britain's medicines and health care Products “If you’re climbing a mountain, you prepare and prepare,”

Dr. June Raine, also , said . “We started that in June.” When early results arrived on Nov. 10, she said, “We were at base camp.” And later, she said, “When we got the final analysis, we were ready for that last sprint.”

Furthermore there are three crucial key points on how Britain acted so fast

The United States and Britain vet vaccines differently. While American regulators pore over raw data from vaccine makers to validate their results, their counterparts in Britain and elsewhere lean more heavily on companies’ own analyses, a faster process. American regulators maintain that their thorough approach ensures safety. While British regulators seek opinions from a specialist committee, similar to the outside panel of experts the Food and Drug Administration uses to assess vaccine candidates. But while the F.D.A.’s panel was being convened on Dec. 10, Britain’s committee met as it needed to about the Pfizer vaccine, for more than 40 hours,

Britain did not have to wait for the European Union to act, owing to the emergency regulatory powers that the bloc gives countries in the case of a pandemic. Also now that Britain has consummated a split from the European Union on Dec. 31 2020 those powers to approve vaccines on its own become permanent.