As an individual who used to run the reality explorations project @ which now redirects to the exploratory minds project , I learned a lot on how the so called UFO field of information hides itself not only because of the erroneous and paranoid conspiracy enthusiast on the bandwagon but also from those who should know better or would be assumed to know better at the very least. But the human ego is a powerful thing in an unbalanced world with a large propensity to generate a lot of fog and confusion.

And for what? well just to feel special and get limelight and money it seems, and nothing more. While others out there like myself and our team and those we encountered supporting our past efforts are passionate about really knowing what the hell was and indeed still is going on, people like us have in the past often been drowned out due to such foolishness.

many saw an importance for the project, but because of the above and other personal problems the workload became far to great to keep up, as founder I had to take a step back and consider stopping the project either partially or a total close.

This project had many credentials on people who started out whistle blowing on many subject matters particularly the one subject which covers UFOS and sub related aspects. These people were and some still are of high credentials and status. some were and still are connected to the following

EX NASA, EX ARMY,MILITARY,MOD,CIA CONTRACTORS,FBI, and more. in 2001 they came forward at a national press club conference and were being taken very seriously, and we took an avid interest which was among other interest that led to the reality explorations project.

unfortunately later that year in 2001 ,911 Happened and the world had things focused on a different set of priorities. The project's other subjects included ideas and theories in perception, physics, and even mental and physical health orientated articles, We had articles on the latest developments in technology and theory's in physics that point to what we believe is being missed even in mainstream physics ,although now at the time of writing some mainstream physicist are actually coming to similar conclusions, we said the particle dimension was infinite. Its now also looking like mainstream may eventually come out to say this, but we are not betting on it going well with some divided opinions.

also mentioned was views on the dark matter theories being false,although we think thats to bias and blanketed of an opinion now, we do think the whole dark matter thing is more of a  miss interpretation of a perspective taken on how we view the universe. ,we do not think the science was wrong per say, but it seems possible that it was seeing very much a one sided view in some areas, Not to long before we closed the project we wrote about 3D. printing. This tech is set to radically change many things in technology production and speed of production. Some articles were on topics of the very edge of scientific research and so when we run out of science we need philosophy and testing of theories. As a team we tried active and passive research.

If you are still reading, then by now you will realize how deep the last project could of been in some places. let us know if we are wrong, we do know these things can cause knee jerk reactions, but attack the idea not the people., no ones perfect, thanks

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